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Discuss your Taxation Needs with Bernard J Morahan & Co Accountants


At Bernard J Morahan & Co, we provide a comprehensive range of taxation services to businesses and individual clients. We are proud members of the Associate of the Institute of Taxation in Ireland and are Registered Tax Consultants. As such, we help our clients to ensure they are fully tax compliant in meeting all requirements, payments, and deadlines.

Not only do we ensure tax compliance, but we advise our clients on existing and potential tax opportunities. We will identify areas in which you may be paying excessive tax and create a plan to make use of these potential savings.


We are experts in all areas of Irish tax, including:

Stamp Duty
Farm Taxation
Inheritance Tax
Tax Compliance
Personal Tax
Tax Shelters
Capital Gains Tax
Succession Planning
Tax Returns
Wealth Planning
Tax Incentives
Income Tax
Capital Acquisitions Tax
Tax Reviews
Revenue Interventions
Pension Planning
Tax Obligations

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Taxation – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make the most of my tax credits?

Every individual in Ireland is entitled to some form of tax credits. Tax credits reduce the amount of tax you pay. However, not all credits are applied automatically and must be claimed by the individual. We will investigate what credits you are entitled to and ensure that you receive them.

What are tax incentives?

Tax incentives are a method of encouraging behaviours in companies by reducing the amount of tax they pay if they undertake certain actions. For example, businesses can avail of a tax reduction of they invest in approved energy efficient equipment.

I think I’m overpaying tax, what do I do?

Bernard J Morahan & Co will examine all financial and tax records. If we identify overpayment or areas where you can minimise payments then we can appeal to Revenue to correct the issue and generate a tax refund.

How can I appeal a Revenue decision?

If you want to appeal a Revenue decision or assessment then you can do so by submitting an appeal with the Tax Appeals Commission. Coming into effect in 2015, the TAC hears and determines appeals against Revenue decision concerning taxes and duties.

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