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Discuss your Accounting Needs with Bernard J Morahan & Co Accountants


With over 30 years of experience, Bernard J Morahan & Co provides a comprehensive range of accountancy services to start-ups, self-employed individuals, partnerships, limited companies, and more. All of our accounts are prepared, finalised, and reviewed with clients in a timely and efficient manner to ensure all regulations, compliance guidelines, and filing deadlines are met.

Our service incorporates all aspects of accountancy including annual financial statements, management accounts, and cash flow statements. We can also identify areas where your business can focus resources in order to save money and improve business performance.


Our accounting services include:

Annual Financial Statements
Business Plans
Annual Accounts Preparation
Tax Returns
Business Compliance
Cash Flows
Books of Account
Due Diligence

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Accountancy – Frequently Asked Questions

What are statutory accounts?

Statutory accounts are accounts that a business must prepare by law. These can also be called annual accounts and include balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, a director’s reports, and an auditor’s report.

Why do I need to prepare financial statements?

All businesses must keep proper financial records and books of account to give a true and fair view of the company's financial affairs. These financial statements must be disclosed at the AGM and attached to their annual return filed with the CRO.

What do you use to prepare accounts?

At Bernard J Morahan & Co we stay up to date with all technological advancements in the industry and use the latest software programmes and packages to prepare and finalise all accounts.

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