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Discuss your Bookkeeping & Payroll Needs with Bernard J Morahan & Co Accountants


At Bernard J Morahan & Co, we understand that businesses don’t always have enough time or resources to commit to bookkeeping and payroll duties. However, these functions are vital for any business to succeed. We provide clients with streamlined bookkeeping and payroll procedures designed to increase overall efficiency and accuracy. Our specialist team tailor their approach to suit your specific business needs meaning we can quickly adapt to any changes in circumstance.


Account Management
Payroll Returns
Purchase and Sale Ledgers
Bank Reconciliations
Trade Creditors
VAT Returns
Profit and Loss Accounting
Cash Flow Projects
Trade Debtors


Registration of New Employees
Weekly and Monthly Payroll Reports
Issue of Payslips to Employees
PAYE Modernisation
Advice on Employment Contracts
Advice on Redundancy Entitlements
Date Reminders when Payroll Tax Liabilities are Due
Obtain All Employee Deduction Certificates from Revenue
Provision of Information on Employee Holiday Entitlements
Bookkeeping & Payroll

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Bookkeeping & Payroll – Frequently Asked Questions

What is PAYE modernisation?

PAYE modernisation has changed the way businesses and employers communicate with Revenue. Revenue's PAYE information held on a business and their employees will be accurate and up-to-date at all times in order to streamline the reporting process and payroll run.

What has changed under PAYE Modernisation?

Thanks to PAYE modernisation all information is accurate and up to date. This means that there is no longer the need for P35s, P60s, and P45s. Instead individuals can view all tax information, earnings, and deductions online.

How do you carry out bookkeeping and payroll functions?

At Bernard J Morahan & Co, we use the latest payroll and bookkeeping programmes to carry out our duties. We stay up to date with all technology and software advancements in order to provide accurate and efficient services.

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